What is VNA?

A vendor neutral archive (VNA) is a technology that stores digital documents in a standard format and interface, making them accessible to stakeholders regardless of what proprietary system created the documents.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is a term used to describe the recent move toward using latest technologies to tackle analog problems. This digitization of tools, processes, and collaboration is radically changing the way smart companies are managing their work and how stakeholders/investors interact with business.

Analog solutions have limitations with scaling to meet the needs of modern business environments. Digital solutions connect people to work via online or cloud-based workspaces and guarantee that work will be securely facilitated, tracked, delivered, measured, and optimized regardless of manager/employee/stakeholder/investor location or role.

What is collaboration software?

Collaboration software creates a central online environment or workspace in which data, information, and workflows can be securely shared and accessed by users according to their roles & permissions, regardless of physical location.

What are the benefits of using collaboration software?

Collaboration software benefits include a centralized location that stores shared information, and a platform on which users can easily & securely communicate with each other according to their permissions & roles. These systems increase efficiency in transferring information, encourage teamwork, and improve overall productivity through task management functionality.

How is ConnectVNA software priced?

Pricing varies on such factors as feature sets, number of users and teams, file storage capacity, and software integrations.  Get in touch with your ConnectVNA partner to better understand your cost.

What integrations are available with ConnectVNA?

ConnectVNA offers both custom integrations and standard integrations.  Contact your ConnectVNA partner to discuss the options best your business.

Is it possible to add features & functionality later?

Indeed. Many clients start with the core feature set & expand to add functionality & increase efficiency.  Our recommendation is to start with the plan that fits your needs and then expand as you feel comfortable.

How many users are supported in each plan?

Our plans support your company and processes. The number of users/stakeholders/investors + feature set required is taken into consideration for pricing.  Contact your ConnectVNA partner for more information and we can talk through your specific needs.

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